Leather Care

Leather Care //

There are a number of different types and grades of leather, each type being used for a different purpose, whether the leather is being used to cover a chair, make a handbag, a pair of shoes or a suitcase this versatile material needs to be cared for to safeguard its look and feel. Some types, due to their delicate nature require more care than others but overall the maintenance programme is similar for all. Good leather care can be compared to good skincare, in as much as you clean, moisturise and protect.

The steps are as follows and apply to all leather listed below:

Home: Chairs/Sofas/settees/pouffes/suites/couches and all furniture and upholstery

Car leather: seats/door panels/steering wheels/gear shifts/dashboards etc.

Fashion: Luggage/Handbags/jackets/Shoes/trousers/hats/gloves/belts etc

Motorbike: Jackets/trousers/boots/saddles/gloves/pannier bags & luggage

Marine: Seating/panels/covers/hoods

Aircraft: Seating & panels


It is very important to ensure leather is cleaned at regular intervals, normally 2-4 times a year is adequate, although for lighter/paler shades more frequent leather cleaning may be required. Use Dynamix Deep Cleanse leather cleaner which is a versatile pH neutral leather cleaner that removes grime and dirt from all types of leather. It’s a gentle yet very effective leather cleaner safe to use on new leather as well as older leather. It’s deep leather cleaning properties ensures the safe and easy removal of all surface soiling and contamination leaving the leather spotlessly clean. Using Dynamix Deep Cleanse leather cleaner allows you to assess what areas may need recolouring or dyeing as it removes grime showing the true leather surface and finish.

250ml Dynamix Deep Cleanse

Now that the leather cleaning stage has been completed, it’s time to move onto the conditioning and protection of the leather.


Conditioning or moisturising the leather is another important stage in the leather care programme. Similar to human skin, once leather has been cleaned is requires moisturising. Dynamix Leather creme conditioner is a pH neutral crème based product which moisturises and protects the leather. It also adds a barrier of protection ensuring the leather fibres don’t dry out and become brittle. This barrier not only acts as a stain guard but minimises the wear of the leather by reducing friction of dirt and dust particles, which can abrade the leather surface.

This leather conditioner replaces essential natural oils that evaporate and disappear over time and if they’re not replaced premature colour loss or abrasion can occur. A good leather conditioner should be absorbed by the leather and not sit on the surface or leave residue behind. Dynamix leather creme conditioner is fully absorbent and does not require buffing following application, you simply allow it be seep into the leather making it soft and supple.

250ml Dynamix Leather Creme

If you require further waterproofing, Dynamix Aquatech can be used as it contains the same properties as the leather conditioner, but it also contains waterproofing technology to further protect against staining. It also has a UV barrier of protection to guard against sunlight fading & damage. This product is normally recommended for household furniture as well as outdoor leather such as motorcycle clothing and lugguage. It’s also safe to use on leather gloves as it doesn’t become ‘slippery when wet’

250ml Dynamix Aquatech

In the event of your leather being very dry, brittle & hard, we suggest using Dynamix Leather Revive which is an oil based emulsion which coats each fibre of the leather, literally bringing it back to life. The leather rejuvenator is often used to offset leather which is considered in a critical condition from cracking or splitting in the future.

250ml Dynamix Leather Revive

We hope you’ve found this short leather care guide useful, however if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us… please visit

http://www.dynamixdyes.com/ for further information

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